The First Rule of Deadlines…

I could have titled this post, “The 5 Things They Don’t Teach You in Journalism”, but that would’ve been pretty boring (and also would have meant that I would have skipped the chance to use a tired Chuck Palahniuk reference). I graduated with a Journalism-Print Diploma in the spring of 2008, since then I’ve been … Continue reading


My First Day

If you live anywhere other than Ontario, this day has probably come and gone for you. Unfortunately, us folk out towards the east side of the country are still stuck trying to play a hand that most people would’ve folded by now. The title of this post isn’t entirely true (I put in a couple … Continue reading

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Anto Chamberland – Everybody knows that he’s insane

Jason Dubois and Antonin Chamberland’s full parts from the latest Brothers Factory flick Tabarnac came out online today, but something struck me after I watched them. Both of these guys competed in Empire’s DC Trick List contest in the spring, but, while Dubois’s part with BF re-used a couple of the shots (not surprising when … Continue reading

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Why won’t it just f#%king snow already?

I hate this time of year. It’s the end of November in Ontario, and I’ve been stuck seeing updates about how epic the mountains out west are for a solid two weeks already. It’s enough to drive you insane. Really though, I love this time of year because it’s what makes being a snowboarder in … Continue reading

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Pre Season shred with Cimal

We’re all sick of pre season tube edits at this point, and that’s alright because there’s not a single piece of PVC to be seen in this edit. Check out some of the Cimal Outerwear crew getting after it. And a few words with Mason Hambly… Who’s riding? Mason Hambly, Luke Hambly, Jesse Hambly, Brady … Continue reading


Makin’ it (Movember) Rain at Horseshoe Resort

Sunny skies in the morning gave way to clouds and dirty snow in the afternoon, but it didn’t do anything to bring down the mood at Horseshoe Resort’s Movember Rain Rail Jam. Cass Ironside was holding it down on the mic and Andrew Skelhorn was heading up the judging duties as B101 streamed through the … Continue reading

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Bneeth – Rising from the Ashes

It’s amazing how fast news travels in our world today. It crossed my Twitter feed this morning, and I knew right away that it was going to be big news. DC Canada’s former Marketing Manager Mikey Scott has brought back Bneeth, and is working on something big. Bringing together 26 of North America’s greatest skate … Continue reading


Where have all the (pro) models gone?

This snowboard changed my life. If you’ve been around long enough, you’d recognize it as Jeremy Jones’s pro model from the year of True Life. I never owned this board, and (to be honest) I don’t even think I knew exactly what the graphic was at the time. The reason I remember it so well … Continue reading

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Endeavor Snowboards drops in on a new site

Most brands don’t let their new websites go live until sometime in September when the product hits the shelves. Endeavor us apparently changing the game this year, giving kids the chance to drool all over their keyboards (or iPhones, or iPads, or whatever they’re using to browse the internet these days) dreaming about what gear … Continue reading

BOOH Crew says word

Chicopee was my home mountain┬áslope growing up, and I still love going back to ride there. These kids are the next generation coming out of Kitchener/Waterloo and they’re making the most of what they have on their doorstep. Featuring Tomi Maletic, Danny Glibota, Scott Snider, Alex Bielawski, Ed Gallant, Josh Blasman, Scott Askes, Matt Lindberg, … Continue reading


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