If you haven’t seen the teaser floating around on any of the major sites yet, you’ve definitely been missing out. If you’ve seen any of the Sugar Shack movies you’ll probably recognize a few familiar faces in the new movie from Brother’s Factory, due for release this fall.

Expect to be blown away by some of the most progressive urban riding you will ever see. I honestly don’t know how these guys come up with the things they do, but my mouth was on the floor just after watching the teaser.

Featured riders include: Phil Jacques, Jeremy Cloutier, P-O Houde, Ben Bilocq, Nic Houle, LNP, Greg Desjardins, Jordan Bell, Kael Hill, Louif Paradis, Frank April, Jason Dubois, Dan Migno and Nic Brunnette.

Check out the teaser on Transworld or Future Snowboarding.



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