Marie-France Roy on

MFR has landed herself a feature interview on the homepage of The story talks about the path Marie-France took to get to the spot she’s at today and includes some great quotes from her peers in the snowboard industry.

“I remember seeing this girl hucking her ass off jumps, trying 900s. I was standing next to Snowboarder Magazine’s Pat Bridges and we agreed: This random girl doing 900s would probably do really well in the future. It was MFR.” – Leanne Pelosi

“It’s easy to say that Marie-France Roy rips it harder than every girl out there—with good style, too.” – Simon Chamberlain

“MFR has raw talent, can ride anything and she’s always in a good mood,” he says. “When I saw her video part, I claimed she was going to win best female part. That’s right—claimed it!” – ThirtyTwo TM Eddie Lee

Watch out for Marie-France to appear in Rome’s new team video No Correct Way, to be released this fall.


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