FSM catches up with Simon Chamberlain

(photo by Crispin Cannon from www.futuresnowboarding.com)

Future Snowboarding Magazine recently fired some questions at Lindsay, Ontario’s Simon Chamberlain about his first season filming with the MDP People crew and his plans for the summer. Check out what he had to say here.

FSM: Simon how are you?
SC: Good how ’bout yourself?

FSM: I’m doing well. Tell us what you’re up to now that it’s June and the snowboarding season is essentially over.

SC: I just came down here (to So Cal) to go over my footage with Mack Dawg. I filmed with the People guys this year. So that went really well and I’m doing a Daily Habit with Fuel TV tomorrow. So yeah, just hanging out.

FSM: We saw the teaser for the new People movie. Looks sick. How did it go this year filming with them?
SC: It was super fun. It was a different scene because it was a different crew and stuff. Not used to filming with different people, but it went really well. It was an all-around fun year; I went to Japan with ThirtyTwo and that was super good. It was cool… a good time.

FSM: So with ThirtyTwo and Stepchild–those are both sponsors that JP rides for; did you get much chance to ride with him?
SC: At GvR we rode a bunch together, and at a couple Stepchild things. I think he’s coming up to Camp of Champions for the Stepchild week, so that will be fun.

FSM: How ’bout Camp of Champs… you gonna be up in Whistler this summer?
SC: Yeah, I’ll be up there for three weeks coaching. It’s always a good time.

FSM: Are you going to have a signature session or just hanging?
SC: Well, they usually have a Nomis-Stepchild week; they just do team weeks, so that will be the important one.

Posted by James—Jun. 9, 2008 on www.futuresnowboarding.com


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