Whistler and Red Mountain; resort updates

The cable that will be strung across the gap to join the peaks of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains has made its way up to the construction site and is currently being installed. More than 28 km of cable will span the gap between the peaks, and it’s expected that the stringing process will be completed by mid-September of this year.

While construction continues on Whistler Blackcomb’s Peak to Peak gondola, Red Mountain Resort in Rossland, B.C., has dedicated nearly $1 million towards making upgrades to their chairlifts and the process of cleaning up trails. The lift upgrades will be made primarily to Red’s Motherlode, Paradise and Red chairs to increase reliability. The process of cleaning up trails to open up more terrain was started in April by crews to help Red Mountain live up to its reputation of having some of the best tree-skiing on the planet.

Snowboard Canada has more information on both of these stories, or you can also visit the resorts’ websites at www.redresort.com and at www.whistlerblackcomb.com.


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  1. Thanks for the post. Red Mountain is just out my back door here. I’ve been disappointed in their management in regards to how they’ve made “improvements” over the past 5 years. Things haven’t gotten better, I think they’ve gotten worse. When I was in high school an adult full day ticket was just around $30. Now it’s $60 and we only have a un-godly slow quad and fancy condos at the base (which displaced the decent parking for the early birds). They then took out the lower limbs on all of the East side trees on Red Mountain which lets the sun get in there and bake the snow. Those trees were the best tree skiing on the mountain if you had the balls to get in there. Now it’s tracked out and hard pack. They’re making the mountain into a pansy hill. People didn’t come here for that.

    No, improvement is not what has happened. They are ruining the real gold that this old mining town was built on. It used to be a small town feel that you had here, now we’re trying to modernize the whole place. Why try to fix what made it great?

    In my estimation, and that of many of my friends (locals), the only improvements they should make are to increase the mountain’s skiable acres (could have done that by using the quad on Gray or Roberts) and maybe expanding the base lodge. I don’t know why they didn’t just build the condos and the lodge together. It would have saved money and improved the mountain in one shot.

    What a waste…

    Nuff said.

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