No Correct Way update with LNP, Fox and MFR

With such a large contingent of unbelievable Canadian talent, Rome snowboards is bound to get a lot of play on this blog. With filming wrapped for the new team video, No Correct Way, the people at Rome sat down with a few of their riders to ask them about the past season.

Jesse Fox

1. Best part about filming for NCW?

The best part about filming for No Correct Way, was getting to hear all the epic Yan quotes he dishes on a daily basis.
Drinking / smoking in the airport…
Me –“Hey Yan you know what gate we’re suppose to be at?”
Yan – “No man, I just sit here till I hear my name call over the speaker, den they tell me where to go.”

2. Romania? Vacation or Survival Challenge?

Romania = survival challenge. I’m sure our survival was minor compared to what Romanian people have been through….

Check out the rest of Jesse’s interview here.


1. What up with your style? Like clothing style.

Ha ha, I don’t know. I guess I don’t like to dress like everybody, I’m into the 60’s now, flower shirt, scarf’s, vest and hats. Most of the time I dress with the music I listen too. I got into psychedelic music a lot so I started to wear shirts and rock hippy stuff. It is pretty comfortable to skate in.

2. Biggest difference in filming NCW vs. Any Means?

Eiki hahaha. I didn’t know Eiki last year. Now I’ve ridden a little at the end of the season with him….

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Marie-France Roy

1. Best part about filming for NCW?

Cavan breaking his shovel on his sled, Yan not remembering he just bought a sled after he hit his head, Casey being Dirty Casey, bugging Trent about how much of a hardworker he is, Eiki’s Pepsis, Max’s and Yan’s girls stories, Will’s dancing and playing with food, Jesse’s maturity, Runke’s voice on the phone… so much to tell my kids when I’m old!

2. Was there a lot of pressure coming off last season being so successful for you?

YES and I freaked it out quite a few times,…

Check out the rest of Marie-France’s interview here.

You can also find interviews with Eiki Helgason and Marius Otterstad on the Rome site.


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