First look at Sunshine Village’s new Mountain Lodge

The architects designing Sunshine Village’s brand new Sunshine Mountain Lodge, set in the heart of Alberta’s Banff National Park, have released a like-like rendering of what the completed hotel will look like.

The new four-star accomodation, set to open this December, will meet world class environmental standards including:

  • Reuse of materials, where possible;
  • Passive solar through high efficiency windows to maximize heat gain;
  • A 44-per-cent reduction in water use;
  • A 20-per-cent reduction in energy consumption;
  • No increase in footprint over the structure it replaces;
  • Site remediation and planting of natural vegetation.

For more information, check the full story on Sunshine Village’s website.


One comment

  1. Hey man, thanks for the comment on our jump post, hoping to get a few videos from that day together.

    Impressed to see you are pumping out the good content on here still, and I like how you are focusing on what’s new in Canada / Canadian riders.

    My quest out west is partway fulfilled, currently living in Calgary saving up $$ and in the process of applying for resort jobs. Went into Sunshine’s office and got a good vibe about there staff, their recruiters were super chillin and I should have an interview lined up for sometime in August. Other then SS I’m applying @ revelstoke, fernie, panorama, and lake louise.

    Are you looking to work out in the rockies this winter? Let me know your plans, because if I do end up looking for a place in Banff, it’s always cheaper if you have more people in on it, right now It’s me and 1 buddy (from our blog)… who knows if that would work out but I always keep my options open.



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