Rome and Option launch 2008-09 sites

Despite the stifling temperatures today (at least in the part of the world where I currently reside), the winter season is only a few months away. This has been made increasingly apparent to me as I see more and more shred companies launch their new websites. Rome and Option are two companies that have caught my attention recently with their new sites.

Rome delves into the world of outerwear this season with their brand new line of jackets and pants for kids on shred. The good people at the SDS have also jumped on the reverse camber train with two boards featuring the new technology: the freestyle inspired Artifact 1985 and the freeride inspired Notch 1985. You can check all the specs on these boards and the rest of Rome’s new line here.

Option has been a tried and true Canadian snowboard company for 16 years. If you’re someone who can’t help but watch the clock while you’re waiting, the countdown to opening day on Option’s homepage is just for you. While you’re there you can check out the new product line featuring bindings, 4 models for ladies, 11 models for gentlemen and 2 models for the groms.


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