Max Jenke and Endeavor snowboards

Max Jenke must be doing something right. The former pro rider, turned entrepreneur and businessman extraordinaire was recently interviewed by Limite Magazine, a blog-azine that is “dedicated to capturing the echelon of modern world culture; elevating the unique and inspiring in fashion, design, travel, the arts, and pure expression….Limité celebrates diversity, creativity, and a passionate lifestyle for the modern man and woman.”

That was more than a mouthful, but it’s apparent that Max is doing some things that the world is taking notice of. Head over to Limite’s website to check out the full interview.

In other news involving Mr. Jenke, Endeavor snowboards has launched their brand-spanking-new website featuring all of the 2008-09 product. The lineup consists of 4 men’s boards, 3 women’s boards and a plethora of outerwear, layering systems and accessories. Be sure to hit up Endeavor Snowboards dot com to take a peek at all the new gear.


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