Product Spotlight – Kale Stephens’s signature IS goggle

Huge, strong, powerful, stomped…these are a few of the many words you could use to describe Kale Stephens as a person, and his riding style.

Kale has been turning heads for a long time with his ability to go bigger than anyone else in the backcountry, and still be able to find his landing gear. Spotting his landing is made a whole lot easier by the goggles on his head. For his signature model with IS Eyewear (formerly Iris), Kale chose the Type-R frame with a Silver Mirror Rose lens. Here are a few of the other features worth noting:

  • Medium fit
  • Helmet compatible
  • Molded 3B contoured soft face foam for fit and comfort
  • Advanced DSDT (Down and Side Draft Technology)
  • Specifically engineered dual side air intakes to provide optimal airflow performance in snowboarding’s sideways stance
  • Multi radius wrap around frame for superior fit

Check out IS Eyewear’s full line of goggles for 2008-09 at their website.


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