After 20 years, MDP will explore different projects

Double Decade will be the last annual snowboard movie released by Mack Dawg Productions. Starting this season, Mike “Mack Dawg” McEntire will leave the world of part-based shred flicks to embark upon a greater variety of projects.

“The snowboarding films that everyone’s making, if you don’t snowboard, you’re not even gonna be stoked on it. There’s not much to it that an average person can get out of it. When you’re talking about telling a story then you’re getting into a way bigger audience. Any time there’s human interest involved, then that opens the door for tons of people to be interested in it,” says McEntire in an interview on Transworld Business.

The stories that McEntire plans on telling include documentaries on the lives and careers of snowboard legends such as Peter Line and Jeremy Jones, as well as a piece on the history of snowboarding.

“Obviously, we have a lot of footage of tons of people and we’re going to explore some online stuff and cut some ‘day in the life’ type pieces as well. We’re going to do some commercials and bigger feature stuff as well as 3-D and just move into some different avenues,” says McEntire.

Check out the full story on Transworld Business to hear more of what Mike McEntire has to say about the state of the snowboard film industry.


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