Product Spotlight – Stepchild Simon Chamberlain

After putting so much time and effort into building Nomis, it was only a matter of time before Simon Chamberlain’s work on his clothing brand started bleeding over into his pro model board from Stepchild.

Simon’s pro model for the 2008-09 season comes in five lengths (148, 153, 156, 156 mid-wide and 158) and two different colourways (blue and green) to kit up with your Nomis signature hoodie.

Carbon stringers and a P3 design give this board the pop and versatility you need to ride it on the mountains or in the streets.

Check out Stepchild’s full line of boards for this season, including JP Walker’s pro model, here.



  1. Holy crap, I still haven’t really checked out many 09 boards as I probably won’t be affording one this winter, but this one is siiiiick, it’s got all the chi guys kinda like my pow sucks 08 😀

  2. Was wondering the weight specs on the 153 Simon Chamberlain? I weigh about 180 lbs. Didnt want the board to turn into a noodle after a year or two of riding.

    • Couldn’t find exact specs on the Simon Chamberlain, but based on the numbers from a grouping of different boards with similar specs (Jeremy Jones 151, Burton Love 155 and Burton Twin 154) you’re probably looking at a weight range between 120 to 170 lbs
      Hope that helps your decision man!

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