Alterna’s ‘KNOCKOUT’ available online

Alterna Film’s brand new release KNOCKOUT ‘the tenth round’, is now available to be purchased from the online store of the Alterna Action website. Check out the link here.

If you’re not content just being the first of all your friends to own a shiny new copy of KNOCKOUT, you may want to start looking at flights to Calgary so you can be at the premiere of Alterna’s 10th anniversary project. The premiere is going down on October 15th at the Plaza Theatre on Kensington Rd. NW, Calgary. Doors for the all ages show open at 6:30 p.m. with the cinematic adventure kicking off at 7:00 sharp.

Check out the event page on Facebook for all the details. Premiere parties will also be happening in Anchorage, Alaska on October 4th, in Whistler, B.C. on October 9th, in Toronto, Ont. on October 17th and in Golden B.C. on October 24th. All the details are also on the Alterna website.


One comment

  1. Saweeeeet, going to have to hit this up. I saw this in the new sbc mag but forgot to write down the day, so it’s good that you reminded me.

    That’s cool about you and your buddy heading west as well, definitely keep me posted. Where is your bud working in Banff ?


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