A new month, some new leaves

Tomorrow will bring with it the first day of October, and will also bring all of us one day closer to the most glorious season of them all.

As the winter creeps closer, FrontLipped is planning on changing with the colours of the leaves. You’ll see some changes this month (as long as I get around to making them all) which will include a new banner, some new opinion articles from yours truly and just maybe a couple of reader polls. Once again I’d like to sincerely thank you all for supporting the site and also invite you to come join our Facebook group.


One comment

  1. Hey btw I like the new banner picture, is that you or anyone you know with that sweet grab ?

    Also thank you for keeping this site updated so well, you just helped me kill an otherwise mind-numbing hour at work.

    Just waxed my board yesterday… yes, the season is almost here šŸ˜€

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