It’s Always Snowing Somewhere, in Calgary and Toronto

Within a span of 14 days, Burton snowboards will be premiering its brand new flick, It’s Always Snowing Somewhere, in 11 cities across North America. The two Canadian stops on the tour will take place in Calgary, Alberta, on October 16th, and in Toronto, Ontario, on October 17th.

The tour, sponsored by SoBe, Corona, Ubisoft, Transworld Snowboarding and Snowboard Canada, will then continue with stops in Boston, New York, Chicago, Denver, Salt Lake City, Portland, Los Angeles and Reno, before it wraps up on Burton’s home soil in Burlington, Vermont.

Canada is represented well in the movie with Natasza Zurek, DCP, Trevor Andrew, Mikey Rencz and honourary Canadian Tadashi Fuse, all logging footage. The rest of Burton’s heavy-hitters including Shaun White, Terje Haakonsen, Gigi Ruf, Heikki Sorsa, Nicolas Muller, Jeremy Jones, Jussi Oksanen and Kevin Pearce also take starring roles in the film.

For more information, and to see what’s going on at all the stops along the way, take a peak here.


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