Toronto Show Day One

After a quick stop by the headquarters of SBC Media to visit the good people of Snowboard Canada, I was on my way to Exhibition Place and the 2008 Toronto Ski, Snowboard and Travel Show. I arrived half an hour late after underestimating the amount of time I was going to spend on TTC, but I was finally there.

The beautiful booth of SBC Media
The beautiful booth of SBC Media

The show has moved to a new venue this year; The Better Living Centre is still on the grounds of Exhibition Place, but the move felt strange after so many years in the Automotive Building. Nevertheless, all the major resorts and GTA shops were represented, and Canada’s largest ski and snowboard swap was alive and kicking.

It seemed as though most shoppers on this opening day had one thing on their minds, “get in, find the best deal, and get out.” I won’t get in to all the deals that were to be had, but they were definitely around every corner.

The highlight of my day however was a quick dialogue with a couple of young men. When asked if they had ever read Snowboard Canada Magazine, they replied with the classic response, “uhh, we don’t really read.” Thanks for representing our school system well boys.

Anyways, tomorrow the Burton team is on town so hopefully I will have some lovely pictures of them for you…Oh yeah, to the random kid who was wondering who Steve Fisher’s outerwear sponsor is, I’m pretty sure it’s Helly Hansen. I sure hope you read this kid, because I just stayed awake an extra 15 minutes trying to find that out for you.




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