Day three at TSSATS

Are we back again? Fueled by OJ (the juice, not the alleged killer) and McDonald’s breakfast, I was ready for the third day of Toronto’s Ski, Snowboard and Travel Show. I saw some long faces this morning on people who had obviously enjoyed themselves (some more than others) at the party on Friday night, but those few were greatly outnumbered by the amount of keen shoppers looking to score deals on some fresh product.

Rome's Max Legend brightens someone's day
Max Legend brightening someone's day

The Rome crew was scheduled for a little autograph session, and Will Lavigne, LNP, Max Legend and Yan Dofin arrived with skateboards in hand to stoke out all their fans. The session went really well, and at the end of the day I met up with a few friends to cruise the aisles of the show and set sail for another night of mayhem at the Snowboard Canada film festival.

Two team videos were on tap for the night, Forum’s Forum or Against’em and Rome’s No Correct Way. After the videos, the DJs started spinning and, before we knew it, we had a party on our hands. Check out Snowboard Canada for a fine selection of photos from the night.

Day #2
Day #1


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  1. Awesome stuff man as usual, I missed out on the snowboard show this season, not that I can afford anything right now haha.

    I did get check out the Alterna Action – Knockout premier @ clyde snowboards theater, was an insane flick and they actually have a solid big screen kicking there. Can’t wait to board now there has been a few snowfalls in Banff already.

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