Controversy over Burton’s Love and Primo graphics

Burton's Love Series
Burton’s Love Series

*interested in seeing a history of similar graphics that never received the same amount of attention? check it out here.

This story (personally I don’t even consider it a story, it’s really just a bunch of people getting upset for the sake of being upset) has been getting so much attention lately that I wanted to make sure I shared it with everyone.

How do you all feel about this so called “issue”?



  1. Give me a BREAK!! These people are protesting this?? Have you guys seen the video games, popular television series, or even a Playboy Magazine lately? There are so many more important things to protest in the United States and you choose THIS? If you are offended by these dont look at them. This is so mild in comparison to any REAL issue going on in out world or our country. I am just shocked at the energy spent on this insignificant issue. Some of you protesters should maybe consider a more meaningful issue rather than attacking Burton. Would it be fair to say that 90% of you are skiers?

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