Product Spotlight – DEELUXE Rough Diamond

PHOTO Joel Fraser

Designed and inspired by Calgary’s T.J. Schneider, the DEELUXE Rough Diamond is the perfect boot to lace up before you drop in to a rail downtown, tackle an imposing line in the backcountry or point it towards an enormous gap.

6_2Some of the features included on the Rough Diamond are a three-piece tongue, section control lacing, performance comfort last, EVA cut and buffed midsole, anti-bruise circles and performance powerstraps.

“The second edition of the Rough Diamond is a little more refined, and a whole lot better. The original Diamond is there it just has a few layers that I came up with to try and spice it a little. it’s as easy 1, 2, 3, to tie the boot up, and now even easier to get out of with the double velcro system that opens the top of the boot wider. Every Diamond goes through phase before it makes onto a ring, this is new slightly less Rough Diamond,” says T.J. on the DEELUXE website.

Be sure to check out this boot, and the rest of DEELUXE’s brand new line on their website.


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