Product Spotlight – Harlot Snowboards

fresh-biddyIn its first year of existence, Harlot snowboards has made it loud and clear that it’s not scared to step on toes or piss people off. The designers at Harlot have kept it simple in their first season, focussing all their energy on a single line of boards; the Fresh Biddy.

Produced in Canada, and with graphics courtesy of the Print Mafia, the Fresh Biddy line of boards should make a big impact on anyone lucky enough to ride one this season.

Designed by a Transworld Good Wood award winning engineer, the board is a true twin with impact-resistant sidewalls, a carbon I-beam to amplify pop, a full-length Canadian Aspen core and a sintered 4001 base, all put together using the most environmentally friendly practices possible. The Biddy comes in four lengths; 148, 151, 154 and 157.

Check out Harlot’s website here.

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  1. That board is the nicest thing i Have. I got the 148. And it’s just Awesome. People should’nt be scare to try new company in the snowboard industry!
    Harlot Is the Shit

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