Opening Day at Blue Mountain

blue-mtnSpecial to FrontLipped from CY, The Abominable Snowman

Opening day at Blue Mountain, what can I say? Running on no sleep from the night before, I got ready while listening to Bonnie Tyler sing “Holding Out For A Hero,” a definite sign of a good day to come. While waiting for my buddies to come pick me up in the haggard Lumina van, all I could think of was that first run down the freshly groomed hill.

Driving down Grey Road 40, the anticipation that awoke me every hour of the night kept growing. With Inferno blaring from the speakers, we were there in no time. Whoops, we forgot the beer. A quick detour to the Beer Store, and we’re headed back to the mountain. With the trunk stocked with the poor beer – Carling Light ­­– we picked up our passes and were off.

The weather was perfect. Seriously, couldn’t have asked for a better day. The morning was the typical – cloudy skies with some wet flurries – but as the day moved on we were fortunate enough to see some snow. The flakes were coming down and the temperature was just right; not too cold, and not too warm.

For opening day, Blue Mountain had two lifts running, the Silver Bullet and the Easy Rider, providing access to four different runs: Easy Rider for those who like something small, Tranquility and Smart Alec for those who enjoy riding the more difficult hills, and Memory Lane for those shred masters who like the challenging hills.

Lift lines were decent at first, a nice flow with no wasted time. However, as the day went on, the line-ups became packed, but the staff kept things under control and, unfortunately, ended our snowball fight.

The conditions were fantastic. Honestly. It was a great day to open. With the base hovering between 40 and 50cm, there were very few mud/grass patches, and even the glades where full of snow. This year’s opening day fell two days earlier than last year, and last year was a killer year. Hmm, that might be a sign global warming isn’t wrecking our season.

We finished the day with the perfect combo of pizza and beer, and then headed back home. With night skiing starting on December 18th, I might have to take a few more days off school to make the trip again and again. That first day was comparable to an experience with a stripper, a tease of the great things yet to come.

Two days early. Thanks Blue, you made me proud to say that I ride in Ontario.

Later, folks. Hope you also enjoy(ed) your local mountain’s opening day,

The Abominable Snowman.

Checkout the opening day video here.


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