DCP on board with Drake and Northwave

2009-01-14-dcpShortly after inking a deal for outerwear with The North Face, David Carrier Porcheron – aka DCP – has signed with Drake and Northwave for bindings and boots.

DCP was dropped from Burton this past summer along with Gigi Ruf, Romain de Marchi and JP Solberg when the UnInc brand was dissolved. DCP will stay with has long-time sponsor Spy Optics, and is currently promoting his 5th pro-model goggle with the brand.

News has also been heard that DCP is working alongside de Marchi and Solberg to launch a new board company.

Check out the full story on Snowboard Canada.



  1. Burton is one of the most hypocritical brands on the planet. They claim that they are a company that is run by riders, for riders and are staying true to the snowboard culture. Dropping four of the best snowboarders in the world is not staying true to the snowboard community. Those riders have produced some of the heaviest video parts of all time, and probably have four of the most distinct styles in the game. Maybe the reason for dropping the Unic… program (sans Danny Davis because he part of the frends clique) was because Burton has become to “INC…” itself. Looking at Jeremy’s pro model this year makes you think (Inc… pig chopping off the head of the dead Uninc… pig), maybe it was in the works for a lot longer than anyone thought. Regardless, it is a shame to see amazing riders get stabbed in the back by the wannabe “core” company that they had been with for a decade or more. Pretty typical Burton shit if you ask me.

  2. from what i’ve heard, the uninc line was cutting in to the sales of forum gear (also owned by burton), so the program was dropped and the riders were cut.
    at least it’s nice to see dcp, romain and jp taking things in to their own hands with their own line of boards.

  3. Fully agreed. I think that it is better for them to out of that atmosphere. Like what Solberg said “you never know what those people are doing.” And with people like that, you just can’t trust them. When you are trying to support and promote someone you cannot trust, then it is time to move on. The fact that Forum is just a subsidiary of Burton is a sad story that should be left for another day (comparable to the Montreal Canadiens being owned by a non canadian Group, the comparisons are endless). All I can say is that YES is already 10 times cooler than Burton will ever be.

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