Kevin Konings, Diane Rudge prevail through poor conditions


Courtesy of Eventsing Entertainment

Tremblant, Que. — The long-awaited 2009 addition of the Coors Light You Look Rider’s Cup kicked off this past weekend at Mont Tremblant with the Salomon Backyard Bang. The days leading up to the event were seasonally cold, but the forecast for Saturday was promising to be considerably warmer than usual, possibly even reaching the positive range on the thermometer.

Saturday morning started out brisk with clear skies and saw over 100 athletes stream through registration before heading to the course for practice. Just as in years past Tremblant built a top-notch slopestyle setup. It consisted of a flat-down box, which was named the Best Trick feature, a step-down hip, that a select few riders (the Pro Men’s Top 3 finishers) treated like a 55-foot jump, followed by a 25-foot cannon rail that was home to many Front Tail 270s, and led into the Ripzone Best Trick Jump that measured both 45 feet and 35 feet, depending on the take-off chosen.

The qualifying round began shortly after 10 a.m. with the women’s divisions. Notable tricks came from both Diane Rudge and Victoria Marshall, who had no reservations when charging the Ripzone booter, stomping Back 3s respectively. While Cassandra Ironside showcased her sliding abilities, including a Boardslide to Frontboard Fakie on the Best Trick flat-down box.

Riding from the male contingent was just as impressive throughout the qualifying round. Last year’s series overall champion, Kevin Konings, wowed judges and the crowd with tricks that included a massive Backside 180 over the hip and a Backside 9 tail off the Ripzone jump. The younger categories also saw some great riding, including young Michael Ciccarelli in the Grom 12 and under division, who charged and lofted a Backside 360 Tail on the Ripzone jump, which set him far apart from his peers.

With qualifier results tabulated and finals start lists printed Mother Nature decided it was time to throw a wrench in the day. As the women began to take their first runs in the finals, freezing rain began to fall and very quickly made the course conditions questionable from a safety standpoint. With only the women’s divisions completed in the finals, the call was made by both event organizers and participating riders to cut the contest short because the course had turned to sheer ice and was too dangerous to continue. Mont Trembant also made the call to shut down the entire mountain within 10 minutes of the contest ceasing—a testament to how truly bad the conditions became.

Check out the full results on the YOU LOOK GOOD website and some photos from Richard Roth on Snowboard Canada.


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