YOU LOOK GOOD Rider’s Cup shakes up the scene at Mt Seymour

Photo by Richard Roth
Photo by Richard Roth

*Release courtesy of Eventsing Entertainment

Toronto, ON – The Coors Light YOU LOOK GOOD Rider’s Cup (YLGRC09), Canada’s premier slopestyle series dropped into North Vancouver for the Mt Seymour Open. On Saturday February 21st the sun rose over the distant peaks and shone down on the newly designed and rebuilt terrain park featuring a skate-style rail arena, the Ripzone step-down jump and a mellow 45 foot jump to end off the slopestyle course. In the weeks leading up to the event, the Vancouver, Whistler and Canadian snowboard scene was a buzz with the new location chosen for the western Canada stop. The high pre-registration numbers were representative of the large rider attendance as we welcomed the largest competitive field since inception with just shy of a 150 riders. In addition to the manicured slopestyle course was a bird-eye view nestled Coors Light beer garden which drew the industry’s elite out of the suburbs of Vancouver.

As the day progressed temperatures rose above 10 degrees and all 150 athletes were put to the test in qualifiers where each athlete had two runs. Unbelievable talent from all over Canada and US was witnessed, but only a total of 50 riders were put through to finals. Some stand out moments of the days competition included; Father Backflip – a local Seymour pastor, in his early 40’s, dropped back-to-back backflips off of both jumps to the applause of fellow riders. Gabe, a talented local Seymour rider was sending some old school variations of backflips and toeside rodeos to the delight of the tight-knit crowd.

Star-studded qualifiers narrowed the pack to the top 15 in both Salomon Am and Coors Light Pro divisions. With the sun shining and spectators littered throughout the course winning runs were congratulated. In the Salomon Amateur Men’s category Joel Dalacker, new on the competition scene, celebrated back to back wins at Mont Tremblant and Mt Seymour winning two ‘Deluxe 5 day Packages’ for Camp of Champions with his winning run of front board to fakie, cab five and front seven.

The talented woman of the day were Breanna Strangeland who won the Best Trick with a board to front board change up and also took down 3rd place for a total of $700. The other outstanding ladies of the day were Cassandra Ironside in 2nd place who dropped a backside 180 to backside 360 and is now in the lead for Coors Light series points. 1st place went to Terri Dreger who went backside 360 to backside 540 winning herself $500.

Coors Light Pro Men’s category was the largest category with more than 50 riders. Kevin Griffin received third place with a run consisting of cab change up to fakie, cab 540 melon, back nine tail with uber steeze you can expect from Kevin. Second place went to Craig Beaulieau with a nollie back tail, change up, backside seven indy bone out and front nine into the flats. In the end is was Matt Belzile taking first with a front board 270, Cab five on the step down Ripzone feature, and then launched a back 1080 melon grabbed the whole time until he landed on his fingers winning $2000. The Ripzone Best Trick went to Scot Brown with a switch backside rodeo winning $500. Kevin Konings with fifth place finish, only narrowly missing the podium in the heated top five battle is the current Coors Light series points leader and is enroute to Banff Norquay.

Check out all the results on the YOU LOOK GOOD website.


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