Coors Light YOU LOOK GOOD Rider’s Cup spins through Banff

Geoff Brown, Nash Lajeunesse and Scot Brown;
Geoff Brown, Nash Lajeunesse and Scot Brown;

*Release courtesy of Eventsing Entertainment


Banff Norquay played host to the third stop of the Coors Light YOU LOOK GOOD Rider’s Cup (YLGRC09), Canada’s premier slopestyle series. On Saturday February 28th, Banff was blessed with blue bird skies and -5 temps with 75 riders showing up to take part. A consistent and substantial crowd supported the riders throughout the day and cheered even louder as Murray Hodgson attempted a double backflip backside 180 and as Matt Munn sent a 70ft one-footer into the flats and yes rode away (after a couple reverts but who cares?!?!) Norquay’s Jump line acted as the YLGRC09 Banff Open course with the Coors Light Pro categories and Salomon Ams utilized all three jumps while the little guys and women hit the top two jumps.

Pierce Mimura from Fort McMurray was back again for the second year in a row as a repeat winner in the Amateur category. This year Pierce brought new tricks to the series and stomped a cab 5, back cork 7 and front 7. Cassandra Ironside, on a competitive tear this year, locked up her first place win on the tour as she sent a switch back one into a back three melon winning $500 and putting her into the series lead.

Standout riders of the day were Kirsty MacDonald in the qualifiers with backside fives and lofty threes. Unfortunately Kirsty struggled with her landings in the finals and missed the podium. Joel Dalacker, new to the competition scene, entered his third event of the YLGRC09 looked to three-peat after qualifying in 2nd, but he too unfortunately struggled with his landings in the finals and missed the podium.

Men’s Coors Light Pro category were plagued with speed issues, those that were either over weight or had wax had no difficulties as they found the podium with their standout runs. Third place went to Geoff Brown who dropped backside rodeo five into a switch backside 900 into a corky-backside-900, which also won him Ripzone Best Trick. Scot Brown launched himself into second place with a switch backside rodeo five, frontside 7 tail ending with cork backside 7 melon. The big winner of the day was Nash Lajeunesse (THINK FINESSE) dropped an entire switch run consisting of a switch backside 7, cab 7, and banged out a switch backside 900… he killed it!!!

Current Coors Light Pro points leaders are Cassandra Ironside with 22,500 points and Kevin Konings with 19,000 points. Both Ontario natives are heading to their home mountain, Blue Mountain this weekend (March 7) with the hopes of being the overall series female and male winners.

Check Snowboard Canada for more photos, and the YOU LOOK GOOD website for full results.


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