Kevin Konings and Cassandra Ironside win the Golden Ticket

GOLDEN TICKET winners Kevin Konings and Cassandra Ironside
GOLDEN TICKET winners Kevin Konings and Cassandra Ironside

Toronto, ON – The Coors Light YOU LOOK GOOD Rider’s Cup concluded its series at the Ripzpne Open in Blue Mountain, ON this weekend. Over 100 riders came out to participate in the fourth and final stop of the series even through weather was not on its side. Spring like conditions with rain and +8 temperatures lasted all day, which took a toll on the slopestyle course. Riders were forced to battle some slushy conditions with the hopes the rain would hold out. Luckily, the rain did in fact hold out until Salomon AM Men’s and Coors Light Pro Mens Finals, where light showers appeared. The slushy course was maintained consistently throughout the day by the Blue Mountain park staff leaving the take off and landings as best as they could be. All riders stuck it out and displayed their best talent and abilities despite the conditions.

Cassandra Ironside, Collingwood Native, was seen all over the podium come awards for the Coors Light Pro Women’s category. Cassandra went into finals in first place where her strong final run gave her first place and best trick. Her first place run consisted of a 5-0 Fakie Out, Switch Backside 180 to Backside 3 ( best trick) and another Backside 3 on the largest jump feature.  Cassandra’s first place podium today and best trick win awarded her $1000 and she also took the women’s overall series title winning a GOLDEN TICKET to Baldface Lodge with 32500 points. The GOLDEN TICKET includes a three-day catboarding trip at Baldface Lodge in BC with the Overal Series Male.
Other notable female riders for the day were Natalie Gough, Toronto On, and Diane Rudge, local Blue Mountain rider. Natalie took third place podium with Boardslide Fakie Out, Cab 180, Backside 3 to Frontside Indy, winning $200.  While Diane placed second winning $300 with her run consisting of a 5-0, 360, and back-to-back Backside 3’s.

The Coors Light Pro Men’s category saw a strong group of riders move on into finals as well first timers on the podium for YLGRC09. Elliot Catton, Collingwood local, took third place with his winning run including a Boardslide 270 Out to Backside 540, Cab 5 Stalefish, Backside 7 Tail to Frontside 7 Tail.  Second place went to another Collingwood native, Zach Stone, winning $1000. Zach’s winning run consisted of a Boardslide to Rodeo 540, Switch Rodeo 5 Stalefish, Frontside 7 Stalefish to Backside 7 Indy.  In the end, first place went to 15 year old, Harrison Gray going home with $2000 in his pocket. Harrison captured first with this strongest and cleanest run, Boardslide, Backside 180 grabbed, Cab 540, Backside 7 Tail, Frontside 7 Indy.  The Ripzone Best Trick went to Kevin Konings with his Backside 9 off the Ripzone Jump, taking $500 home. Kevin, the 2008 series winner, also took title of the 2009 overall series winner with 25000 points taking home the male GOLDEN TICKET to Baldface Lodge. Kevin and Cassandra will be heading to Baldface Lodge in the coming weeks where the three-day catboarding trip will be documented by an SBC photographer.

The day and YLGRC09 was concluded with celebration at Rusty’s at Blue in the Blue Mountain village. Many riders and industry folk came out to help close the series with some crazy Djing from DJ Conor Cuts and tons of Coors Light. YLGRC09 will be back for its sixth year for the YLGRC10!!!

Check out a full list of results on the YOU LOOK GOOD website, and photo and video coverage on Snowboard Canada.


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