YoBeat catches Ben Bilocq on Hump Day

2009-03-19-ben-bilocqSo all the kids have been telling me that there’s this movie called “Twilight” and it’s started a “vampire” fad amongst all the “youngsters” these days.

So, without using any more unnecessary quotation marks to add emphasis…Quebec shredder and Nitro team rider Ben Bilocq has been quitely making his mark on snowboarding and building hype around his name during the past few winters. This is evidenced by the fact that YoBeat’s Nick Lipton considers Bilocq a suitable subject for the site’s regular Hump Day interview.

And this brings me to why I referenced Twilight at the beginning of this post. Apparently, Bilocq’s large wardrobe of black clothing and his serious disposition make him look a little like a vampire, so check out the interview on YoBeat to hear a little about snowboarding, and a lot about vampires and death metal.


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