Oakley presents new women’s category in 2009 Ride Shakedown


Montréal, Quebec – Oakley is proud to actively support the 8th edition of the RIDE Shakedown, an international snowboarding event that will take place on April 3rd and 4th in Mont Saint-Sauveur, Quebec. Under the terms of its sponsorship, Oakley will provide support that is essential for the introduction of the all-new women’s category. The brand will be highly present at the event, backing the amateur heats in addition to officially presenting the women’s segment. Oakley is also sponsoring high calibre individual female athletes who are taking part in the RIDE Shakedown.

“Through this partnership with the RIDE Shakedown, we are laying the foundation for a partnership that promises to intensify in the coming years,” explained Ingrid Sirois, head of public relations and women’s marketing for Oakley Canada. “The introduction of a women’s category, which is a joint initiative by Oakley and the RIDE Shakedown, is definitely a step forward for women’s snowboarding. At Oakley, we are very proud to offer yet another opportunity to female athletes around the world.”

The RIDE Shakedown 2009 is the first international women’s sports event to be sponsored by Oakley. It is also the first snowboarding competition in Canada in which the company is involved. In recent years, Oakley has in fact invested a great deal of energy in developing its feminine side. This new orientation, which addresses all product categories – glasses, clothing, shoes, watches, and accessories – has also been demonstrated through the company’s increasing involvement in women’s professional sports, particularly by sponsoring many athletes. In this respect, the partnership between Oakley and the RIDE Shakedown admirably attests to the company’s current and emerging priorities.

In addition for providing direct support for the RIDE Shakedown 2009, Oakley is backing the careers of several professional athletes who are front and centre in the snowboarding world. Among those who will be featured at the next Shakedown, we note Marie-France Roy (Les Éboulements, QC), a Quebecois athlete on the Oakley team who is currently enjoying an incredible international career. At the age of 24, she participated in the X Games and blew the competition away. A virtual icon, in 2008 she won the Women’s Rider of the Year, Women’s Video Part of the Year and Women’s Readers’ Choice in the U.S. at the prestigious Annual Transworld SNOWboarding Riders’ Poll Awards. In 2009 at the same gala, she won the Women’s Video Part of the Year and Women’s Readers’ Choice awards. In collaboration with Marie-France Roy, Oakley has developed, as part of its prestigious Signature line, an assortment of high performance snowboard clothing. 

Are any other Oakley athletes heading for the next Shakedown? Silvia Mittermuller (Germany), one of the most revered in riders in the world, and Chanelle Sladics (U.S.), a 21-year-old pro who is already competing against the very best in the field. The Shakedown will also feature Americans Hana Beaman and Sarka Pancochova, and Canadian Raewyn Reid.


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