Rome’s teaser for ‘A Hard Day’s Night’ from the Transworld Shootout

shootout_comingHere’s a formula for you to figure out…

4 of the biggest brands in snowboarding (Burton, Forum, Rome and DC), plus 1 photographer and 1 videographer for each team, plus a private park and park crew for each team do whatever they please, minus any rules, restrictions or guidelines. This was the premise behind the Transworld Shootout.

The event would be judged solely based on the video and photos that each team produced, and here’s a taste of what Will Lavigne, LNP, Bjorn Leines, Marie-France Roy and Eiki Helgason endured for the sake of the contest.

Check out Rome’s teaser on their website, and cruise over to Transworld for teasers from DC and Burton.


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