Transworld catches up with Leanne Pelosi

_leanne_chaloux_1_11_400x600Leanne Pelosi is busier than you.

Let’s face facts, aside from handling her own professional career she has found the time to found (haha, too many founds) MGT Snowboard Camp, start up a production company, compete in the biggest contests around the world and handle all her sponsor obligations.

Transworld Snowboarding caught up with Leanne to find out what it’s like to film with Mike Hatchett of Standard Films, give away Nissan Cubes and unload the weight of a production company off your shoulders.

Check it out here.


One comment

  1. Wow, no way, Leanne never ceases to amaze me to the depths she’ll go thinking no one will notice and as long as there is someone to deflect the blame too. ” Ohhhh I didn’t know I could give them to my friends” “Gosh that must be their fault for not being more explicit”. Whatever. Popularity is like a rope to a person in jail, you can either hang yourself with it or use it to climb over the wall and be free.
    Hey Leanne, how’s it hangin’
    Keenan – Boyfriend
    Robyn – Runs her camp called MGT
    Anthony – Best friends boyfriend.
    Nahhhhh no connection.

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