Sanction Skate and Snow on TW Business and

sanction_signEver since I started snowboarding, there came a time every year when I’d kick and scream (not really, but you get the picture) until my parents would make the 30 minute trek South to Waterloo, Ontario so I could drool over all the newest boards, boots and bindings at Boardzone (or Boredzone, depending on who you ask).

This was where I bought my first base layer (Special Blend), my first real pair of bindings (Ride LS), my first snowboard specific jacket (Twist) and where I stocked up on all the latest videos each year (Derelictica, From ___ With Love and Chulksmack to name a few).

The day came where I eventually left for college, but, when I came back a few years later, Boardzone was no more. Instead I found this place they refer to as ‘Sanction’. The people and the surroundings were familiar, but there was something different about the vibe. It was now a place that was owned and operated by people who loved the skate and snow industries, and were 180% committed to growing the sports in the community.

People are taking notice because, not only has Sanction been getting coverage in Canada on, but Transworld Business has also just finished a feature for their website. Props to Ryan, Malcolm and Charles!


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