2009 Toronto Ski, Snowboard and Travel Show

This post is a little late, but let me just say I’ve been juggling quite a bit lately. With that out of the way, I managed to make it to the Toronto Ski, Snowboard and Travel Show for a bit this past weekend. So, get ready to read about my life…

I got in to Toronto on Friday evening, and made my way through Union Station to the Exhibition streetcar. Let me just say, I love taking the streetcar on the weekend of the show because you can pick the snowboarders out of a crowd from the other end of the platform.

I got to the show and met up with Lauren, formerly of McMaster Sports, who still works for the shop every year at the show. I spent the first little bit wandering around and checking out the layout before heading to Snowboard Canada’s booth. I was pretty psyched when I got there because the new issue was out along with SBC’s Resort Guide, and (shameless plug) I wrote articles for both magazines.

After catching up with the crew at SBC, I headed over to the Silver Star/Big White booth since I spent last season working at ‘The Star’. This kept me busy until it was time to head across the street for the Snowboard Canada Film Festival and the premieres of Time Is Now by the Brother’s Factory and Elektro by Alterna. A slew of pro riders were in attendance including Chris Rasman and Jeremy Cloutier.

Both videos were sick, and I’d definitely recommend checking them out (Time Is Now actually has a running time in excess of 45 minutes, which is almost unheard of when it comes to part-by-part snowboard videos). I headed back over to the show until closing time and ended up running in to Capita’s Andrew Skelhorn and Dialogue’s Bradley Hesson, both of whom I interviewed for articles I’ve written recently. I always think it’s nice to meet people in person, rather than just talking through emails or chatting over the phone.

The show wrapped up at 10, and it was time to head home to get cleaned up and pre-game for the You Look Good (YLG) Rider’s Cup kickoff party. Some wine and a couple of party pops later, I was ready to ramp the night up.

The YLG party was a great time, and the premiere of Sandbox’s Shine On really topped off the night. Again, it was super sick to see all the familiar faces of people who I don’t get to see on a regular basis since I’m not fully entrenched in the industry. Again, after exchanging emails for what has probably been two years, I finally got to meet the founder of the YLG series, Andrew Singleton, and chat with him for a little bit. The night ended as you would expect, most of the party moved to the dance floor, and the hours melted off the clock. Eventually I called it (a successful) night.

Much thanks to everyone who helped me out during the course of the weekend, including Scott Birke, Gerhard Gross, Steve Jarrett, Steph Lake, Lauren Scott, Robin Baycroft, Rob Madill, Christina Raymond, Andrew Skelhorn, Andrew Singleton, Matt Houghton, Matt Forsythe, Kevin Sansalone, Dean Seguin and everyone else who I met up with but can’t remember at the moment. It’s events like this that help to enforce the fact that I’m working in the best industry around.

Check out a bunch of photos and other takes on the weekend on PUSH.ca and Snowboard Canada.


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