Off The Lip – Peak Season Viewed and Reviewed

peak_photo_dre_03-275x300A new teaser for a Canadian production hit the web this week, and a bunch of American media outlets immediately jumped on it and started bashing it.

I’ll admit it, after I watched the teaser for Peak Season on MTV Canada, I started waving a white flag of apology for the fact that something like this could come out of Canada. I was flipping through the channels later in the week, and saw Peak Season was about to start, so I decided to give it a shot.

Low and behold, there wasn’t a single shot of snowboarding in the episode. Whistler local and aspiring pro (not to mention Westbeach team rider) Steph Just didn’t even make an appearance on screen. Now that I could put to rest the idea that this might be a show about the life of snowboarders in Whistler, I could get down to following the storyline…which I was about to find out was a big mistake.

Any hope that was left (which in all reality was only a sliver) was thrown out the window when I saw a scene featuring two of the male “cast members” sitting in a weight room talking about how lucky they were to have good-looking guy friends.

In the end, this crap has nothing to do with snowboarding. The closest thing to a legitimate reference to core snowboarding was a brief mention of the Camp of Champions during a party.

So America, don’t blame the Canadian snowboard world for this show…Blame yourselves for popularizing shows like Laguna Beach and The Hills. This is simply the Canadian equivalent to those, and where else are you gonna film it?

Toronto? Possibly, but I heard the homeless kept stealing the photo releases to build fires. Vancouver? Maybe, but I heard the crackheads were paranoid about signing their souls away on the photo releases. Winnipeg? Are you kidding me? The pens would freeze before you could even get anyone to sign a photo release.


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