Park Check – Panorama, B.C.

Jody Wachniak PHOTO Russell Dalby

This summer, I was asked to start contributing for SBC Media (Snowboard Canada, SBC Business, SBC Ski and Snowboard Resort Guide). Although it wasn’t the first article I wrote, this Park Check was the first one to make it to print. (Snowboard Canada Volume 18, Issue 1). I have to thank Scott Birke, Gerhard Gross, Dean Seguin, Matt Houghton and everyone else from SBC for all they’ve done for me.

Situated in the southeast corner of British Columbia, Panorama Mountain Resort wouldn’t seem like the type of place that riders flock to for the ultimate terrain park experience. In fact, most would think that, on the majority of days, someone riding a twin-tip, jib stick with a centred stance would be a minority in the lift line. But this stereotype has started to change, due in large part to the hard work of terrain park manager and designer, Eric Lange and his staff…

Check out the rest of the article on Snowboard Canada.


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