Steve Powling – Mount St Louis Park Check Interview

Steve greases a back lip in Walkerton PHOTO Andrew Rusk

I little while ago I interviewed Steve Powling for Park Check on Mount St Louis Moonstone in Snowboard Canada Magazine. Powling gave me a ton of good stuff that I couldn’t fit in to the article, so I thought I’d post it up here.

Jason Petznick – Cool, what’s something specific that sets the park at Mount St. Louis apart from others in Ontario?

Steve Powling – Not having night skiing does wonders for the snow conditions. The snow is always firm and reliable because it has more time to set overnight opposed to other resorts where it seems to crumble and be unreliable. Also, the weird lake effect weather usually means that it’s always bluebird when all the other resorts are overcast. It usually plays into our favour.

JP – How has the park evolved over the past few seasons?

SP – Definitely the presence of amazing people to ride with and the [Quiksilver] Down Low contest. Every year they one up the previous year with huge gaps and creative features. Not to mention there are tons of little groms cruising the park on a daily basis who are turning into, quite simply, the best riders in Ontario.

JP – What’s the deal with the Down Low contest?

SP – The Down Low is Louis’ year ender contest where they build anything and everything they want. Anything from double channel gaps in the pipe to big tree bonks and massive gap jumps. If you’re looking to get buck wild on some gnarly stuff, this is the contest to do it! Plus the weather always seems to be perfect so it makes for an awesome atmosphere to ride with ALL the Ontario homies.

JP – If you were to break down an average day in the park at Louis, what would it consist of?

SP – Depending on the mood that day I usually just meet up with the homies in the Outback and slash a few side hit laps to warm up. Hit a few pipe runs, check out the Junkyard quick and go from there. Throw in a quick bite to eat, and it’s back to helping the groms kill it or finding some new, weird mousetrap lines with the MoLack!

JP – What are some of the most popular features in the park?

SP – The staircase handrail is always being hiked by some dedicated locals, and the jumps are usually being slayed by little Craig [Gouweloos]. People love to hit everything, and no feature seems to get left out. I love to hit all the – sometimes groomed – side hits and hidden gappers. Whether it be a flag bonk or some random tappy thing I found that day. Oh, and the long flatbar is super fun!

JP – What kind of riders do you see coming out of Mount St. Louis?

SP – Any of the Simple kids are killing it! Craig Gouweloos is my little homie that I think is going to really blow up soon. He destroys everything and has the best attitude out of anyone, young or old. Mikey Ciccarelli is putting all the old dudes to shame too.

JP – Alright, one more and I think that should wrap it up…

SP – Ok, sounds good!

JP – How would you describe the vibe in the park at Louis compared to the vibe at other resorts around Ontario?

SP – There is something about Louis that just makes you feel like you are there for the riding, and nothing else. Being so accessible means anyone can get there easily, and the lack of a full resort village with hotels means that everyone is just there to ride and have fun.

Steve rides for Salomon, Bonfire, Coal and Horseshoe Resort.



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