Catching up with Bradley Hesson

The first time I heard from Bradley Hesson was two summers ago when I put a call out for people to submit their videos for Sunday Cinema. I posted his promo video, and kept in touch with him every now and then. This year, Brad filmed with the Dialogue crew for “This Is Awesome!” and I could see how much more powerful his riding had gotten. I thought it would be a good time to catch back up with Brad to see what’s next on the road for him. -Jason Petznick

Arkan PHOTO;

It was August 14, 2008 when your promo went up on Sunday Cinema, what have been some highlights along the path from then to now?

Filmed all winter with the Dialogue crew for ‘This Is Awesome’ (I had the opening part) which included late night rail sessions, blue bird days filming at Mount St. Louis and Blue Mountain and a few roadtrips to hit rails. I also placed in a few comps, 2nd at Cobble Hills Rail Jam, 2nd at Volcom PBRJ and 1st place for AMs in the Telus Rail Jam. Switch Skate & Snow recruited me for their snowboard team which is awesome, they’re a great shop and always know how to have a good time. Other than that, had way too much fun with the crew and met a lot of awesome people.

What’s the deal with Dialogue Headwear at the moment, are you guys poised to take over the Canadian scene?

Since Dialogue got it’s foot in the door a few years ago, we’ve steadily been gaining momentum in the snowboard scene. Each year the gear is fresher than the last and found in more shops. The owner (Trevor Harris) and I are actually heading out west in January to shred some pow and talk to shops in Kelowna, Banff and Calgary, so by next year Dialogue should be found on both sides of Canada.

Your part from This Is Awesome has been making some heavy rounds including Westbeach’s and Snowboard Canada’s website. Does this stuff still blow you away?

No it doesn’t really blow me away. It feels nice to see my video up there, like I’m doing something right. Gonna have to give a huge shoutout to Trevor for filming and editing everything together.

What do you do to find a balance between snowboarding and just growing up?

Snowboarding is part of my life, so growing up snowboarding is what has made me today. If I wasn’t snowboarding, I don’t know what I would be up to

You recently got knocked during an early season ledge session. Do you let injuries, or the thought of getting injured, affect your riding?

That was really one of my first snowboard injuries that has put me out from snowboarding. It was a bit of a scare because I don’t remember any of it, but that’s what happens when you push yourself to try bigger things in the sport, you get hurt. But I’m not going to let that scare me from progressing this season. Wear a helmet kids, it’ll save your life!

With the standards of riding where they are, why would you ever want to pursue a career in snowboarding?

I love to snowboard, plain and simple. Going bigger is always important, but fun is the most important part. I guess I’ll see how far it takes me.

What are your plans for this season?

Same as last year, just bigger rails, bigger jumps and some backcountry thrown in the mix. I’ll be filming with the Dialogue crew again, we’re not sure if there is going to be another video this season, but who knows? And most importantly going to have as much fun as possible, because if you’re not doing it for fun, there’s no point in doing it at all.

Brad rides for Signal snowboards, Drop, Union, Celsius boots, Westbeach, Dialogue headwear, Kicker Audio and Switch Skate & Snow.


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