The Nic Sauve Interview

This little gem has been sitting on my desktop since last September probably. I did a quick interview with Nic Sauve for Snowboard Canada’s website about snagging the opening part in Forum’s latest movie F’ It. It never ended up on the web, so instead of letting it rot on my hard drive, I figured I’d post it up here for your enjoyment.

Jason Petznick: What have you been up to lately?

Nic Sauve: Just got back from a week in SoCal for the F’ It world premiere. The whole team was there so it was good times! Other than that I’ve been mountain biking and staying physically active a lot when I’m home.

JP: Where did you go to relax this summer?

NS: I took some time to relax with my girl in spring this year. We went to the Philippines for three weeks in May. It was kind of crazy out there. We explored the country as much as we could and chilled in some pretty unique spots, did some surfing and diving. After that I was shredding for most of the summer in Whistler and France.

JP: The premiere tour for the Forum video is looking pretty busy, do you like traveling on the tour?

NS: Travelling with the crew is always awesome. I love it. Everyone just makes everything a good time. I’ve never been on a big trip like the coming one, but I’m sure it will be fun.

JP: How was the World Premiere of F’ It down in Newport Beach?

NS: Kinda crazy. None of us had seen anything except for the guys involved in making it, so we were all a little anxious to see it. Our TM Kevin Keller rented this two-story high Red Bull bus to drive us around town. Inside the bus was a bar, with a DJ and stuff. I thought it was pretty funny. We had our own party for most of the night.

JP: When did you find out you had the opening part in the movie?

NS: At some point during the summer Kevin told me I might get the opener, but I wasn’t sure until I would see. So I really found out last week in Newport.

JP: Did it ever cross your mind during the season that you might have a chance at the opening part?

NS: Not really. I wasn’t thinking about that at all actually. I got injured pretty bad on the 1st of March, and it ended my season pretty quickly. I fell from 20 feet up straight to concrete, hip first. So I was out for a while, but I guess early season paid off.

JP: Who was your favourite teammate to shred with this season?

NS: Well all the guys I was shredding with this season were awesome. Stevie, Cam, Nikko. Motivated and killing it.

JP: What was your favourite shot from your part this year?

NS: Cab 270 on this flat bar into a backside wallride. That session was super fun. We filmed it on New Year’s Eve a few minutes before the countdown, and popped a bottle of champagne right when we got done. I guess it was a pretty good way to start the year 2010!


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