Bneeth – Rising from the Ashes

It’s amazing how fast news travels in our world today. It crossed my Twitter feed this morning, and I knew right away that it was going to be big news. DC Canada’s former Marketing Manager Mikey Scott has brought back Bneeth, and is working on something big. Bringing together 26 of North America’s greatest skate and snow writers, photographers and videographers into the Time Capsule Project. Over the next 12 months (starting December 1), these contributors will document the path along the journey to producing the content that’ll inevitably end up in your hands and on your computer or TV screen. With a stable of bloggers that includes Matt Houghton, Scott Birke, Ryan Stutt, Scott Serfas, Andrew Norton, Brian Caissie, Gerhard Gross and Colin Adair, there’s no question that the content is going to be top shelf. I know I’ll be following along, so make sure you get on this one before you find yourself saying, “The Time Capsule Project? What’s that?”

For a full list of contributors on the Time Capsule project, and to have your mind blown by words on a screen, check out Bneeth (just make sure you have lots of time to kill, because you’re gonna be glued to your computer).


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