Makin’ it (Movember) Rain at Horseshoe Resort

Sunny skies in the morning gave way to clouds and dirty snow in the afternoon, but it didn’t do anything to bring down the mood at Horseshoe Resort’s Movember Rain Rail Jam. Cass Ironside was holding it down on the mic and Andrew Skelhorn was heading up the judging duties as B101 streamed through the sound system. Preseason jams in Ontario always manage to draw crowds, and this event was no different with more than 50 riders registered in the Pro and Am categories (there were skiers too, but, really, who cares?). Local shreds Brad Gauley, Steve Powling and Jon Rusk were all in attendance, but they decided slapping high fives, playing with puppies and shooting hoops was more interesting than strapping in.

Not much has changed over the summer. Pat Hrivnak still has super loose style (in the good way), Will Johnson still has more fun than anyone else and Mason Hambly still goes 160% on every hit. Jake Fine had one of the scarier moments of the day when he almost reverse taco-ed the down-flat, but, like a boss, he got up and landed a couple solid frontside lipslides and bluntslides. It was obvious early on that Joel Dalacker was going to make the cut. I don’t know who he was snaking in line, but I think he got almost twice as many runs as anyone else in the qualifier. Jeff Robinson was an obvious choice too, matching up tech tricks with flawless execution. Craig Gouweloos rode solid enough to make it through to the final, but, personally, I would have put him through anyways just because the base of his board said “PUSSY” on it. Cole Cummings and Max Eberhart rounded out the 5-man final, but, to be honest, I wasn’t paying close enough attention to be able to tell you what they landed to make it there.

In the finals, everyone had three hits to put down their best trick. Cole went 0 for 3 on his attempts, and Robinson struggled to lock into his back 180 on to the down-flat. It looked like Craig was going for 50-50 frontside 3 out, but he couldn’t quite torque around the spin and settled for a 180. Dalacker managed to land a super clean back 270 tailslide on the downbar, but it wasn’t enough to top Eberhart who pulled out a couple front blunt combos to take the top step on the podium. In the end, everyone did some shredboarding and got a little bit more stoked for the season to start. With Horseshoe announcing December 3rd as their projected Opening Day, it won’t be long before winter is in full swing.

Women’s Snowboard
1st – Leanna King
2nd – Catriona Boyd
3rd – Samm Denena

Am Snowboard
1st – Malcolm Eppinger
2nd – Chris Cooper
3rd – Silas MacKinnon

Pro Snowboard
1st – Max Eberhart
2nd – Joel Dalacker
3rd – Craig Gouweloos

Movember Rain was sponsored by Capita, Union, Ashbury, Spy, Sandbox, Salomon, Bonfire, Coal, Rome, 686, SAXX on behalf of Tropical North, Horseshoe Resort, SBC


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