Anto Chamberland – Everybody knows that he’s insane

Jason Dubois and Antonin Chamberland’s full parts from the latest Brothers Factory flick Tabarnac came out online today, but something struck me after I watched them. Both of these guys competed in Empire’s DC Trick List contest in the spring, but, while Dubois’s part with BF re-used a couple of the shots (not surprising when you look at any rider who films for two projects in the same season), Anto’s BF part was entirely new footage.

Let’s put this into perspective. Anto had 64 shots in the Trick List video and 30 (that I counted) in his Tabarnac part. That’s 94 shots. We’re not talking half-assed b-roll in either though. Both parts are full of proper hammers from start to finish. Give him four months of filming (120 days; beginning of December to end of April), and that’s creeping pretty damn close to a shot a day. Stupid impressive when you take into consideration getting kicked out of spots, taking days off to mend injuries, wasting days on travelling and simply having a life outside of snowboarding. At the end of the Trick List battle Dubois and Chamberland ended up splitting the grand prize, but if you ask me who won the war in the long run, my vote’s for Anto.

It may sound cliche, but here’s 8 minutes of absolute destruction.


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