My First Day

If you live anywhere other than Ontario, this day has probably come and gone for you. Unfortunately, us folk out towards the east side of the country are still stuck trying to play a hand that most people would’ve folded by now.

The title of this post isn’t entirely true (I put in a couple hours at Cypress while I was in Vancouver last month), but I managed to get out to Horseshoe Resort this morning for my first day of the Ontario season. I could drop some names (Trevor Harris, Connor Dudgeon and Mark Goodall were there) and I could talk about the tricks that were landed (or at least attempted… apparently I forgot how to tailpress?), but I won’t.

Aside from the sheer relief of just being back out on snow, there’s something special about the first day of the season. The feeling of getting comfortable on new gear, not landing old tricks and taking that first good slam (you know the one I’m talking about) all seem to just roll right off your back. These are the things that can nearly ruin a day in the middle of the season, but, at the beginning, none of them seem to matter.

(Here comes the cheesy closing remarks!) Now that I got my first day, I’m looking forward to a great season. Ontario is awesome because there are so many different resorts and so many different crews all in such a small area, so there’s always something different going on. Hopefully you all manage to chalk up your first day on snow soon. Happy shredding!



    • Managed to put in 65 days in total. I was hoping for 75, but it wasn’t bad for the winter we had in Ontario.

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