Camp of Champions Shoulda Gone Skating

Alex Bielawski has spent the start of his summer behind the lens documenting the slowly receding snowpack on the Whistler/Blackcomb glacier. He also managed to capture some boarding stunts from the likes of Mark Goodall, Mary Rand, Ben Poechman, Kazu Kokubo, Kai Ujejski, Brodey Wolfe, Tim Crighton, Marcus Rand, Colter Heard, Matt Heneghan, Gordon Hall, Nic Heringa, Nick Elliott, Robjn Taylor, Jody Wachniak, Kody Williams, Mike Senger and Eman Anderson. Instead of just posting the edit, I shot him a Facebook message to catch up.

FrontLipped: What’s new with you? How’s your summer going?

Biel: Summer’s been pretty good so far. Working hard to save up for the winter, but I had a little bit of time to go up the glacier.

FL: How was it looking up there? Heard the snow pack is pretty shit.

Biel: It’s bad, no doubt about it. Camp only lasted 2 weeks and right now the public park is pretty much a bunch of rails set up on glacier ice. But there’s other funner things to do in Whistler during the summers anyways.

FL: So what else have you been up to? Who have you been hanging out with?

Biel: Well at this moment I’m in line at the liquor store with Adam Franks and our friend Pat Brobeck, which is strange because I never drink and I haven’t been in a liquor store for years, haha. But other than that, just a lot of work and as much skating as possible.

FL: Liquor Store? What’s the special occasion?

Biel: Sam Roberts Band is doing a free show in the Whistler Village for the Pemberton Music Festival. Even though I didn’t buy any drinks I’m still pretty excited.

FL: Sounds like a blast. Back to snowboarding though, who has been turning the most heads up on glacier?

Biel: Mark Goodall has been getting wild like usual. I met Jed Sky during camp and he was actually blowing minds up there. Colter Heard was also up there for a couple of days, he’s probably one of my favourites. Everyone up there was ripping.

FL: No doubt. Pretty cool to see some of the Yawgoons up there too. You get to catch up with them at all?

Biel: Yeah those guys are actually so tight. They’re all so nice and fun to hangout with. Stoked to get those guys back up here. Shoutout to Mary Rand for killing it on a skateboard.

FL: Hahaha was she showing up a bunch of people at the park?

Biel: Yeah pretty much, hahah.

FL: Time for the question everyone wants the answer to. When are you coming back to Ontario? Haha

Biel: Hahahaha, soon man. I’ll probably be back for a while this season. The snow out here has been a little bit of a let down, and since I left Ontario it’s been amazing there. I’ll hopefully do a bit of splitboarding here, and then once the snow is good in Ontario I’ll head there. Pretty excited to film with the hometown heroes.


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